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How it works


Whatever your game is, take it to the next level with natural, sugar free energy! Start feeling energized in minutes.

Lasts for hours.*


Bluvos' carefully selected formula goes to work to help relieve mental fatigue and keep you feeling clear and refreshed.

Stay in the zone.*


The powerful Nootropics in Bluvos kick in to enhance your focus and short term memory, giving you a boost in mental performance.

 Redefine your limits.*


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“This shit works, it makes me feel good, it’s not crazy intense like the other stuff. I don’t feel sick during or after - I don’t feel like I have a crash.. I’m telling you guys, this shit is legit.”

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Merriam Webster defines Nootropics as:

"a substance that enhances cognition and memory and facilitates learning."

In order to be a true Nootropic, these substances must also produce minimal side effects and be safe for long-term use. We only use the highest quality, naturally derived Nootropics to ensure you know exactly what you are getting.

What's in Bluvos™?

We worked with professionals in the industry to design the perfect formula to create Bluvos:

Alpah GPC is a popular Nootropic found primarily in Soy Lecithin

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is found naturally in Soy Lecithin. Reported effects include:

  • Increased memory and learning
  • ​Enhanced Focus
  • ​Positive effect on Mood
  • Increased physical performance      output
Huperzine A is a popular Nootropic derived from the Huperzia Serrata plant

Huperzine A

Derived from the Huperzia Serrata moss-plant. Reported effects include:

  • Improved memory and thinking    skills
  • ​Boosts frequency and clarity of        lucid dreams
The Nootropic Rhodiola Rosea has been used for centuries to fight Fatigue


Rhodiola is a flowering plant that grows in the colder regions of the world. Reported effects include:

  • Helps fight fatigue and                      exhaustion
  • ​Neuroprotective
  • ​Promotes longevity
The caffeine in Bluvos is derived from Coffee Beans (Arabica beans)


Caffeine is found throughout the natural world in leaves, nuts and berries. Reported benefits include:

  • Helps with alertness and                   wakefullness
  • ​People seem to score better on       IQ tests after a cup of coffee
Vinpocetine is a popular Nootropic derived from the Periwinkle Flower


Vinpocetine is sourced naturally from the Periwinkle plant. Reported effects include:

  • Enhanced Focus
  • ​Strengthens concentration
  • ​Heightened Memory
Vitamin D3 and B12 can be found in eggs

Vitamin D & B12

Vitamins D3 and B12 are important to many bodily functions and found throughout Nature:

Bluvos is manufactured in a cGMP facility to ensure safety and quality.

Bluvos is Made in America/ in the U.S.A.

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