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Nootropics: The Billion Dollar Industry Enhancing The Human Mind

When we think about the brain, we usually don’t treat it the same way as the rest of our body. That is, we don’t train our brain the same way as our muscles to make it stronger, faster and more efficient. Although the brain is not a muscle, it acts the same way as a muscle; the more you train it, the stronger it gets. Therefore, it is beneficial to take certain steps to strengthen your brain! Every action begins in the mind. Strengthening your brain can strengthen your whole life.

Feeding the Brain with Nootropics

With muscles, we often rely on supplements such as whey protein, creatine and preworkout to help make them stronger during our training. Recently, a long-standing supplement called nootropics have gained popularity to help make the brain stronger. Nootropics have been given a number of names over the years, such as smart drugs and cognitive enhancers. As different as these names may sound, they are not too far from the truth. Nootropics are naturally occurring supplements that have shown to improve memory, focus as well as the ability to learn and retain information. Essentially, nootropics help to open up greater potential in how people use their brain.

Studies have shown that natural nootropics not only assist in increasing brain function, they also help make the brain healthier in general. A simple explanation is nootropics increase blood flow to the brain while also giving it additional nutrients, energy and oxygen circulation. Providing such elements to the brain increase its ability to function. Nootropics have also been shown to protect the brain from toxins as well slow the signs of aging.

Of course simply taking nootropics will not make you smarter overnight. Rather, think of nootropics as food for your brain. In the same way that a proper diet combined with exercise can increase fitness levels, physical appearance and overall well-being, Nootropics can help increase cognitive function, memory and brain health. Many studies have discussed the potential cumulative effects nootropics have over time. That is to say, the more consistently you take nootropics, the better the results you might get.

Helps temporarily to:

-Support mental focus and mental stamina †

-Promote alertness and wakefulness †

-Relieve fatigue and symptoms of stress †

Where Are Nootropics From?

Nootropics are not a single substance. Rather, nootropics are a category of substances, many of which are found in nature. Artichokes, turkey, green tea, various mossy plants, trees and mushrooms contain known sources nootropics. Nootropics from their various sources perform a number of different functions. For example, L-Theanine, a nootropic derived from green tea has shown to help reduce anxiety. Alternatively, leaves from the Gingko tree has demonstrated improvements in cognitive function.

The Business of Nootropics

At this point, you might be thinking “nootropics sound a little too good to be true. How come I have never heard of them?” Although Nootropics have been around since the early 70s, they are a relatively new supplement to the consumer market. However, their proven success has created a rapid and in-demand market. As of 2015, the nootropic industry exceeded $1 billion in revenue.

What makes nootropics such a curious supplement is their rather diverse nature. The nootropic market is flooded with formulas comprised of any number of compounds, ingredients and variations. Companies will stack multiple nootropic sources into a pill, liquid or powder serving to meet a product’s intended purpose. The most common nootropic products aim to boost cognitive function, provide energy, reduce anxiety or help induce sleep.

Helps temporarily to:

-Support mental focus and mental stamina †

-Promote alertness and wakefulness †

-Relieve fatigue and symptoms of stress †

Be Careful of the Nootropics You Choose


As great as nootropics appear to be, not all nootropic products are healthy and high quality. With the rapid advancement of the nootropic industry, companies have developed what are known as synthetic nootropics. These lab created options offer similar benefits to natural nootropics and cost significantly less than the natural alternatives. It is this exact reason where consumers can become wary of what they are putting into their body. Just mentioning the words phenylpiracetam and pterostilbene might be enough to make your head explode! Inquiries have shown that if sold under certain classifications, many nootropic manufacturers and distributors are able to avoid most FDA standards. This enables companies to include cheaper, synthetic nootropics as well as any number of additives in their products and market them as more powerful, effective supplements. Furthermore, it is widely agreed upon in the supplement industry that not enough research has been conducted on synthetic nootropics to understand their long-term effects on individuals.

The Power of Natural Nootropics

When looking for an effective nootropic supplement, it is vital that you choose one with only natural ingredients. With over 40 years of research, natural nootropics are proven to be safe at correct dosages. Bluvos Energy contains only naturally occurring nootropics. Additionally, we developed the formula stack ourselves, ensuring that we have included healthy doses of our ingredients that are safe and effective for regular consumption. In fact, we are so confident in our formula, we have listed our ingredients right here on our website.

It is wise to do your homework on what you are putting into your body. At Bluvos, we take pride in doing the work for you and providing products that are safe as they are healthy and effective.

Evolve your understanding with nootropics - evolve your game with Bluvos.


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Nootropics have been given a number of names over the years, such as smart drugs and cognitive enhancers. As different as these names may sound, they are not too far from the truth.
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