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Tips for being a better gamer

Hey Team Bluvos! We have been doing a lot of research about gaming and how it affects learning. We wanted to give you some quick tips on how to see video games differently and fully take command of them. Below are five key points that can help you improve at almost every video game.

We have found that with the methods below, you don’t need to run around, collecting every single item, spraying bullets everywhere only to get taken out by another player who was just a bit luckier than you with their shot. Rather, with our more methodical approach to gaming performance, we have found that awareness of a game is more important than simple skill.

1. Every video game has a pattern.

Video games are made to follow a certain pathway in order to reach the end goal. If they did not have a pathway, the player could not complete it. Now, don’t think that each game has one simple road to walk on. A game like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty can have multiple paths to reach a goal.

Each pathway set out follows a pattern, and those patterns are meant to be broke by the player. Therefore, if a player can learn the patterns a game follows, they can better predict what might happen. For example, if a player is in a certain League of Legends map, and similar actions keep causing them to lose a match, how can that player learn and alter that pattern to work in his or her favour?

2. Games are always telling you where to go

Despite what you may think at times, a game will never drop you into a world and tell you to go nuts. A game will always in subtle or obvious ways tell you where to go, enabling you to progress in the game. Whether the enemies follow a certain pattern, items are left in a certain way or multiple pathways lead you to the same spot, a game always has an end goal in mind. Your task is to understand those patterns, locations and pathways in order to learn how to manipulate them, navigate them and ultimately use them to your advantage.

Top speedrunners, fighting game and real-time strategy players are experts at finding what the game is telling them to do and where to go. In watching these players, note how they never hesitate as they have taken the time to learn and understand where the game leads them with each pathway, move or decision. Such knowledge provides players with a greater command over the game.

3. Spatial awareness is more important than raw skill

If you can take the time to understand your environment, there is a greater chance you can control and manipulate that environment. Most often, players try to run and gun their way through a level or map. However, this is not developing any type of skill. The player is not learning through this process. As we discussed in a previous article, each time someone experiences a situation, they learn more about it and how to manipulate it. Therefore, instead of trying to shoot everything in sight, slow down and learn the map, level or enemy. Understanding what you are up against can give you an upper hand in controlling it.

Anyone can press buttons and execute commands. However, understanding how those commands work in various environments will only make them more effective.

4. Asset management is more important than raw skill

As much as understanding your environment is important, equally as much is knowing how to manage your skills in a game. Now, you may be thinking, “but you just said the run and gun method isn’t important!!” What we are saying here is learning how to manage your skills in various scenarios is more powerful to you than simply using them for the sake of using them.

Have you ever seen video of a player who beats an insanely difficult boss or level with a seemingly weak or useless item? It was not by pure luck that they succeeded. Rather, they learned how that item works and managed it strategically based on their understanding of the level and opponent. Rarely can a player not make progress in a game simply by having the “wrong” item. If we can learn how the item works based on our understanding of the environment we are using it in, your playing strategies will be bullet proof.

5. Equipment is helpful, but it is not going to make YOU better

A player can get the best weapon in any game. However, it doesn’t mean anything if the player does not know how to use it in a game. No weapon is going to make you better against other opponents who have a better understanding of the maps and weapons they have. That understanding gives them the edge of manipulating maps as well as the players within them. Therefore, your shiny new weapon is useless, as the smarter player will only work to use it against you.

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-Support mental focus and mental stamina †

-Promote alertness and wakefulness †

-Relieve fatigue and symptoms of stress †

We wanted to give you some quick tips on how to see video games differently and fully take command of them. Below are five key points that can help you improve at almost every video game.