We offer our Money Back Guarantee because we are confident you’ll love Bluvos Smart Energy. The majority of companies push out mediocre products and hope that their dissatisfied customers are not willing to jump through the hoops of returning the product for their money back. At Bluvos, we won’t play any games with you. (Well.. Bluvos Cody might, if you ask him nicely!) 

For single bottle orders, if you don’t love it, no problem - just let us know. We will give you a full refund, and you can keep the bottle. No hard to navigate action steps or product return necessary. We trust you - but in order to guard against unlikely fraud, this guarantee is valid only for first time purchases of Bluvos. The guarantee can be redeemed up to 30 days after purchase. When ordering multiple bottles simultaneously, we will refund your order in full if within the 30 day window, upon return of remaining bottles (all bottles aside from the first one you open must be returned).

**Please Note - We do not offer any refunds for clothing/ merchandise, as it is printed custom for your order! Please double check the clothing/ merchandise items are the right size and model before you purchase them**

Refund Policy

**Please contact customer service prior to sending any product back for a return.

Email: info@bluvos.com or fill out the form on the right.

**Our only ask is that you don’t request a return if you have had the product less than 2 weeks (please). We can offer such a fair refund policy because we truly believe in the quality and effectiveness of our products, and encourage our customers to give them an honest chance.**

We believe strongly in the value of our products and want every customer to feel enriched and happy. This is the reason for the "Bluvos Money Back Guarantee". However, due to potential fraudulent activity, we have outlined some rules below.

The validity of this guarantee is dependent on meeting and satisfying the following stipulations and terms:

Bluvos Smart Energy Bottles

Any single bottle purchases made are eligible for the guarantee (minus shipping & applied discounts).

To guard against potential fraudulent activity - A multiple bottle purchase can be refunded in full once the remaining product has been returned (the unopened bottle/ bottles after the first bottle opened). However, partial refunds can be granted with no return required. Shipping fees will not be refunded; refunds only apply to the price of the bottles.

The guarantee is valid within 30-days of the initial purchase date. We will request reasons for the return and then begin the refund process. If your refund is being processed through credit card transactions, it can take 5-7 business days to appear on your bank statement, as this is due to the statement’s dependence on the financial institution and not on Bluvos’s merchant provider.

Steps to return multiple bottle purchases:

  • 1. All returned products must be unopened, with the safety seal still attached.

  • 2. Place product in original or similar shipping box.

  • 3. Send to the address below, add your return address as well.

  • 4. Postage is NOT included. Be sure to label: RETURN TO SENDER. This may void any postage fees.

  • 5. Send us the tracking information so we can verify package reception.

Fulfillrite - Bluvos

Attn: Returns Department

1715 Oak Street

Lakewood, NJ 08701