To be a great gamer, you need to develop multiple skills. According to Kurt Merlcher (who is an Executive Director of Esports at Intersport), a PRO gamer needs to be able to process an insane amount of information. But that’s not all – many games require excellent hand-eye coordination, lots of focus, energy, and superior motor skills. Gamers have to stay focused and mitigate stress for long periods. 

As you can see, eSports are much more complicated than many people believe. But the question is: How much can nootropics help gamers achieve better cognitive performance and hence, better results?

First of all, nootropics are natural compounds that can significantly improve brain performance in healthy individuals. Compared to popular energy drinks, they provide longer positive effects without severe side effects. 

By combining the right nootropics, a gamer can expect:

  • Sustained energy

  • Faster reaction time

  • Enhanced focus and attention

  • Better vision

  • Lower anxiety and stress level 

  • Faster thinking​

What’s also important is the fact that nootropics can provide long-term brain benefits. So, if you are a gamer who is pursuing a long career in eSports, then nootropics are a perfect substitute for energy drinks and other enhancers. 

Instead of pushing yourself over your limits at the age of 25, destroying your brain cells, and suffering from other issues that gaming brings, you can start taking high-quality nootropic supplements that can help you perform better in the long run. 


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